Bambure Wipes…

Better for baby

Bambure Baby Wipes (formerly Bambeco) offer parents a natural option that won’t cost the earth. Each wipe is moistened with organic aloe vera and tea tree extract, together with other essential oils including camomile, lavender and lemon oil. They contain de-ionized water which is highly purified to cleanse the most sensitve of skin types. They are free of alcohol, lanolin and perfume, all of which can irritate baby’s skin. They are also are free of parabens and other nasty preservatives.

Choice of Bamboo or Viscose blend cloth

Bambure wipes are available in either 100% Bio-degradable Bamboo or a Viscose blend cloth. Both cloth types are 45gsm spunlace to provide maximum strength and performance whilst being soft and gentle on babys skin. The Bamboo and Natural wipes feature the same formulation and ingredients. Each packet contains 80 wipes.

Dispensing to make life easier

Both the Bamboo and Natural wipes come with a convenient flip lid to make accessing the wipes easy and help stop the wipes drying out. The wipes also utilise continuous dispensing (like tissues) so you’re not stuck trying to dig a wipe out with your fingers at those crucial moments!

Suitable for all skin types

Bambure wipes are vegan friendly and have been independently tested to ensure they are suitable for all skin types including eczema. Our products are proudly tested on humans, not animals!