Why Bamboo?

Bamboo cloth is made from the pulp of bamboo grass. Bamboo is the single fastest growing species of plant on the planet and is able to reach maturity in about 4 years compared to the typical 25 to 70 years for most commercial tree species. Some species can grow up to a metre per day. Bamboo is sustainable to grow as it does not require the use of pesticides or chemicals for growth or harvest. Every part of the plant is utilised.

Bamboo cloth is 100% biodegradable and compostable and will be naturally broken down in the soil by microorganisms and sunshine.

The bamboo plant has an extensive root system that sends out an average of four to six new shoots per year. The roots remain in place after harvest preventing erosion and retaining nutrients for the next crop.

The bamboo we use is harvested from plantations where no animal habitats are destroyed. The bamboo used for Bambure wipes is not the same as that eaten by panda bears and none of the fibre comes from tropical rainforests.

Bamboo plantations use less space than cotton growing and do not require much water to grow so they can grow in arid regions and in a wide range of climates. Bamboo inhales carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen at a greater rate than trees. Bamboo has anti bacterial, anti fungal and odour resistant properties.

Bamboo is exceptionally soft and light but strong and durable and more absorbent than cotton and other fabrics allowing moisture to evaporate in the air quickly so our wipes are breathable and feel comfortable on the skin. Its smooth round fibres are also anti-static and prevent skin irritation.